Shelby Township, MI

Associate Dentist

Roam Dental PLLC (Shelby Township, MI) seeks Associate General Dentist. Reporting to the Owner, the Associate General Dentist will have the following responsibilities:

  • Utilize dental instruments including x-ray and other diagnostic equipment to conduct routine oral examinations, diagnose and prevent diseases of the teeth, gums and related tissues
  • Educate patients on proper oral hygiene techniques to treat and prevent oral diseases
  • Develop treatment plans for patients and communicate them clearly
  • Monitor patient progress and adjust treatment plans as necessary
  • Provide general dental services to patients such as fillings, root canal treatments, extractions, removable and fixed prosthesis
  • Provide pediatric dental services such as Restorations and space maintainers, pulpotomies and extractions using knowledge of pediatric tooth anatomy
  • Collaborate and communicate with dental hygienists, assistants and front desk staff to provide comprehensive care
  • Ensure compliance with all ethical, legal and regulatory standards including proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and infection control practices within the dental office
  • Continuously update knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities

Requirements: Qualifications & Experience

The Associate General Dentist must meet the following requirements for education and experience:

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from an accredited U.S. University
  • Valid dental license in the State of Michigan
  • 5 years of experience working as a dentist and performing general dentistry services. Experience as a dentist must include at least 1 year of experience with dental implant placement.

To apply, send cover letter and CV with Subject Line "Dentist Application" to

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